1. The objects of the Club shall be by social intercourse to promote the discussion of matters of common professional interest.

2. The name of the Club shall be the Mid–Staffs Charters Club.

3. Any person residing, or having, or having had a regular place of business, in Mid–Staffordshire, and who is a Corporate Member of any one of the Chartered Institutions involved in or  connected with the land and its use shall be eligible for election as a member of the Club on application to the Executive Committee.

4. Any person residing, or having, or having had a regular place of business, in Mid–Staffordshire and who, while not a Corporate Member of any one of the Chartered Institutions involved in or connected to the land and its use, is a professional of good standing shall, on being proposed and seconded by two Members of the Club, be eligible for election as a Member of the Club on application to the Executive Committee; such members not  to  exceed more than one third of the total membership at the time of their election.  At the Annual General Meeting, the Secretary to publish  the relevant percentages together with a reminder of the membership rule to assist members who intend proposing for election new members who are not corporate members of the one of the relevant Chartered Institutions.

5. Applications for Membership shall be dealt with by a quorum of not less than six members of the Executive Committee whose determination on such applications shall be final.

6. Membership may be terminated voluntarily by any Member at any time by notice to the Secretary.

7. The Executive Committee may terminate the membership of any Member whose subscription after due reminder remains unpaid in respect of two financial years.

8. The Executive Committee may, at their discretion, suspend any Member and shall report on the matter to the next ensuing meeting of the Club.

9. The annual subscription shall be considered annually by the Executive Committee for decision at the Annual General Meeting. Subscriptions shall be payable by or at the first sessional meeting of the relevant year and it shall not be incumbent on the Honorary Treasurer to remind Members or Associate Members that such payment is due.

10.  There shall be the following Officers of the Club:

President, Senior Vice–President, Junior Vice–President, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Speakers’ Secretary.

Each Officer shall be elected annually for the following year at the Annual General Meeting, which shall be the last full meeting of the Club in each sessional year; provided also that the Senior Vice–President shall be the President elect for the next ensuing year; and provided also that the offices of President, Senior Vice–President and Junior Vice–President shall be held for one year only except in exceptional circumstances.

11. The financial year of the Club shall be from 1st March to 28th/29th February.  The year for all other purposes shall be from 1st April to 31st March.

12. The management of the Club shall be vested in an Executive Committee comprising:

(a) The President and the two Vice-Presidents for the time being;

(b) eight members who shall be elected for the ensuing year at the Annual General Meeting of the Club and shall, so far as possible be so elected that they represent the Institutions mentioned in Rule 4; and

(c) Ex–officio, the Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, and Honorary Speakers’ Secretary.

Past Presidents of the Club are entitled to attend meetings of the Executive Committee and to vote thereat for two years following the expiration of their term of office.

The Executive Committee shall, subject to these rules, shall have full powers of control of the matters of the club other than the alteration of the Rules, shall meet twice a year in September and March on dates to be arranged by the Hon. Secretary and six members shall form a quorum.

13. The programme and arrangements for meetings shall be in the hands of the Secretary/Speakers Secretary.

14. Any Member of the Club may bring visitors to any ordinary or Annual General Meeting, but the same visitor may not attend more than twice in any one year.

15. Any Proposal to alter the rules of the Club shall be considered by the Club at the Annual General Meeting or at any extra–ordinary general meeting.

16. Any extra–ordinary general meeting shall be convened by the Secretary within 21 days after receipt by him of a request in writing by not less than 10 members stating the reason for such meeting and setting out the resolution/s they wish to be considered.

17. The Club’s bankers shall be as may be determined by the Executive Committee from time to time in the best financial interests of the Club, subject to the prior approval of the Club.

As Approved by the Membership on 14th December 2010